TMT Youth Programs

Youth Programs and Employment

Our youth programs engage and enrich students and provide many more of our students with firm foundations for success. Youth Programs also help reduce stress on many working parents to know their children are safe and supervised. Our youth programs seeks to increase the number of Wake County youth who achieve a postsecondary credential and living-wage employment.

To achieve this objective, the TMT Youth Programs will convene and connect with like-minded individuals in Wake County to form partnerships that agree to help produce youth curriculum that asist youth graduating from high school, succeeding in college and finding employment.

Integrated Academic and Career-Focused Learning

TMT Youth Programs uses real-life approaches and hands-on projects to blend academic and career/technical content in making learning more authentic for students. TMT Youth programs have a cradle-to-career agenda that helps ensure access to S.T.E.A.M for urban minority youth.

  • Integrated Academic and Career-Focused Learning: TMT Project Communications will provide students with education and training that combines rigorous academic and career-focused curriculum to increase students' employability in in-demand industries and prepare them for employment, post-secondary education, long-term occupational skills training, or registered apprenticeships.

  • Work-Based Learning and Exposure to the World of Work: Strong partnerships will provide work-based learning opportunities. In addition to actual work experience, youth participants will also participate in field trips, job-shadowing, or other types of opportunities that provide students with exposure to different career paths and prepare them for the world of work.

  • TMT Community Network Engagement: Network partners will provide work-based learning and mentoring, creating a path for students to in-demand industries and occupations including those in information technologies, advanced manufacturing and other science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (S.T.E.A.M) fields. The TMT Community Network will also work closely with schools on professional development and training for staff to drive the sustainability of the program over the long term.

  • Individualized Career and Academic Counseling: As an integral part of the program design, students will be provided with individualized career and academic counseling experiences to strengthen their career and post-secondary awareness and explore opportunities beyond high school.

  • Integration of Post-secondary Education and Training: Students will participate in education and training, while they are still in high school, that leads to credit toward a post-secondary degree or certificate and an industry recognized credential, where appropriate

TMT Mentees

TMT Mentee encourage program participants to learn from and to serve the surrounding community. The program's primary objectives is to increase student interest in and enthusiasm for S.T.E.A.M subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) through role modeling and to create an action-research philosophy that guides collaboration and incorporates measureable outcomes.


TMT Project Communication

Computer programming remains one of the most high demand sectors in the modern economy. Banks, cell phone companies, schools and the government all employ a large number of computer programmers to manage everything from website deployment to database design to managing employees. As such, growth in careers in programming remains well above 8%. TMT Project Communication works to provide the skill set of computer programming.