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Make An Impact
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The Make An Impact Community/Technology/Literacy Campaign is a regional partnership aimed at improving career and community service opportunities for "at risk youth". The TMT Youth Community Foundation will create an impactful campaign to increase volunteerism and community service while working to decrease the digital divide. The Make An Impact Community/Technology/Literacy Campaign will include Fayetteville, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Kinston, and Goldsboro.

The TMT Youth Community Foundation will conduct an educational training event on how to conduct a mini technology service summer camp. Participants will be lead through a curriculum that enhances participants service and civic engagement inside of their community. During the summer, leaders will work to create a community day that will highlight community issues and offer community solutions that will "Make An Impact". During the Healthy Communities Walk, leaders will meet in Raleigh N.C. (the state capitol) to compare and contrast how using technology helped to increase volunteerism. The year ends with a book release for each city!

Educational Training Event

TMT Community Network partners learn a new skill of bookmaking. Members will pay $200 to attend a TMT Workshop to gain knowledge on how to use an online publishing software to create S.T.E.A.M related curriculum

Summer Camp

As participants of the technology service mini camps, TMT Community Network Partners will have the opportunity to channel their creativity and passion in meaningful community service, engage in the world around them, and address problems of local, national or global importance. Participants will use technology to create and implement six service projects, reflect and celebrate their hard work and accomplishments in a book that they will create at the end of the summer camp.

Community Day

Community Day is a fun, rewarding event for youth service clubs to increase their visibility in the community and the number of community volunteers. Youth Service club members will engage their community in becoming more healthy by getting members of the community to commit to service learning projects.

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TMT Community Network

The TMT Community Network is comprised of sponsors and members working to create initiatives that create a more healthy community for children living in economically deprived areas. Our initiatives work to strengthen social networks, provide economic opportunities, examine and monitor environmental health, and strive to identify and develop community leaders.