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TooMuchTv Makes You Examine Your Reality!


Unsigned Artist hosted by Bless is a fresh perspective on music. You will get a chance to meet local rappers that understand the deepth of music from the spirit.

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Too Much TV Inc. has produced a video of students who were attending a local alternative school in Wake County and found that bullying was the number one factor leading to their referral to an alternative setting. Watch thier video now!
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TMT Events Health Communities Walk

The goal of the "Walk" is to unite the community around the theme: "No More Throw Away Children," to raise money to provide meaningful afterschool and parent involvement programs, and to teach sensitivity to those serving low-income, poor and minority students. It is vital that we listen and hear what young people are telling us about the dangers of not addressing bullying. It is an issue that families, communities and educational systems must address collectively.