Hayti TV

Hayti Tv tells the story of African Americans as seen through the eyes of the St. Joseph's Historic Foundation. Thia page is part of a proposal being submitted to the St. Joseph's Historic Foundation.

Hayti Youth Director

Reaching the kids in the community!

Summer 2014 the Hayti Heritage Center will offer dance, music, drumming, art, and video production to the children of Durham! Register here

Current TMT Projects

Show: Kendalyns World
Views: 238,309

Show: Breaking Vicious Cycles
Views: 571,651

Club TMT After School

Coming To Lacy Elementary This Fall
Show: Roving Reporters
Views: 17,066

In this program the students of Lacy Elementary will learn how to create news segments for WLACY. These roving reporters will cover school events like boosterthon, fall festival, math and science night, Lacy Foundation, and Lacy PTA Meetings. Lacy's Roving reporters will meet twice monthly and learn how to use technology to create interesting and eye catching news stories.